Ecological Surveys


Desktop studies and data searches

A first step for constraints and opportunities studies and preliminary ecological appraisals, involving review and interpretation of aerial photos, nearby designated sites, publicly available biodiversity information and biological record centre data.

Extended Phase 1 habitat survey / Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Phase 1 survey involves the classification and mapping of habitats present on site.  The habitats are described and areas with the potential to support legally protected species identified.

Botanical surveys, including:

  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Species-specific
  • Invasive species


Faunal surveys, including:

  • Bats (roost visits, building & tree inspections, activity surveys, remote monitoring)
  • Great crested newt / Amphibians (including eDNA surveys)
  • Birds (breeding, wintering, species specific, flight activity, nest checks)
  • Badger
  • Dormouse
  • Otter
  • Water vole
  • Reptiles (European and UK protected)
  • Terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates (including white clawed crayfish)

Best Practice dictates that many ecological surveys are subject to seasonal constraints.  Our Survey Calendar sets out the typical ecology survey windows for the UK.

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