Landscape / Townscape & Photomontage

Landscape / Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments

We assess development proposals, determine their effect on the immediate and surrounding landscape and visual receptors, and identify what, if any, mitigation measures are required.

We use the latest imaging techniques to understand the visibility of development and prepare photomontages to show how the scheme will look in the landscape.

The LVIA forms the basis for documents required to enable discharge of planning conditions.

Flexible and responsive, cost effective and easy to work with, this is a long term relationship that works for The Lower Mill Estate.

Will Vicary

Estate Manager, Lower Mill Estate

Photomontage Production and Visibility Modelling

3D modelling along with visibility mapping forms an integral part of many planning applications and Environmental Statements, specifically in assessing the impacts of a proposed development within the landscape context.

Our experienced 3D graphics team is able to generate and present a wide range of reliable simulation models, including photomontages and Zone of Theoretical Visibility maps (ZTV’s) using a variety of professional software packages.

Photomontages and ZTV’s are just two examples of these ‘simulation models’ used to represent the expected visual changes in the existing view and are produced following current guidelines as stated by the Landscape Institute.

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