Landmark News

Environmental interpretation

Landmark has for many years created interpretive materials such as environmental interpretation boards to guide visitors around sites such as nature reserves, public amenity areas, cultural heritage features, nuclear power stations, and National Park centres, to name... read more

We’re recruiting

Landmark is currently recruiting for the following positions at our Bristol office.  We are looking for the right people to join our busy professional team and we’re prepared to be flexible to find them. Graduate Landscape Architect: We are seeking a full time,... read more

#30 Days Wild Challenge

How does a company which specialises in environmental consultancy celebrate the Wildlife Trust’s #30 Days Wild challenge?  Friends and clients have scratched their heads when we‘ve mentioned it, assuming that wild challenge is what we do daily for a living. There is a... read more

New Directors join Landmark

Landmark is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Directors to the Management Team. Gemma Melvill and Andy Spargo have been appointed from their existing roles of Principal Environmental Planner and Principal Landscape Architect respectively. They join Nick... read more

Return of the Swifts

Swifts are a sign of summer. They arrive from Africa, normally in late April/early May and leave again in early August. Landmark’s first sightings this year were near Avonmouth and in the Chew Valley on 4 and 5 May respectively. The RSPB describes the swift as... read more

Architectural Graphics service

Many of our clients’ successes, whether led by our environmental planning, ecology, or landscape teams, should be credited (at least in part) to the efforts of Guillermo Sanchez (Sanch) who manages Landmark’s Architectural Graphics service. Our clients are familiar... read more

Using remote cameras for wildlife surveys

Wildlife film watchers will be very familiar with the images captured by remote cameras all over the world.  Whilst we don’t have ready access to Serengeti wildlife, Landmark also uses remote cameras to monitor ecological activity at our clients’ sites.  It is an... read more