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Architectural Graphics service

Many of our clients’ successes, whether led by our environmental planning, ecology, or landscape teams, should be credited (at least in part) to the efforts of Guillermo Sanchez (Sanch) who manages Landmark’s Architectural Graphics service. Our clients are familiar... read more

Using remote cameras for wildlife surveys

Wildlife film watchers will be very familiar with the images captured by remote cameras all over the world.  Whilst we don’t have ready access to Serengeti wildlife, Landmark also uses remote cameras to monitor ecological activity at our clients’ sites.  It is an... read more

Biosecurity on Development Sites

The price of eggs The lockdown on poultry keepers that started in December 2016 to contain the spread of avian influenza brought into sharp relief the need for biosecurity measures in everyday commercial and recreational activities.  The outbreak spread from an... read more

EIA and Phased Development

In advance of the approaching deadline for significant changes in UK EIA process, our series of topical EIA articles continues with consideration of how to build scheme flexibility into Phased development  Changing needs For a multi-phase development, more than any... read more