About the Landmark Practice


Environmental sensitivities are fundamental to any development project today. Enshrined in planning law and the public conscience, the environment is an issue at the heart of every scheme.

At The Landmark Practice we understand the pressures on developers and their need to balance commercial goals with the needs of the environment. With specialist skills in environmental planning, landscape architecture and ecology and three decades of experience, we get the balance right.

I have worked on numerous projects with The Landmark Practice for 11 years and they pride themselves on their high quality landscape planning, landscape design and ecological consultancy services. In addition to being a great bunch of people to work alongside as a planning consultant, they are highly experienced in their disciplines, delivering high quality landscape and ecological advice and balancing this alongside the commercial realities of bringing forward development aspirations.


Mark Cullen

Principal Planner, Alder King

At a Glance

We are an award winning environmental consultancy established in 1985.

We are a multi-disciplinary team specialising in Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture & Design and Ecology.

Based in Bristol UK, we work on projects throughout the UK and internationally.

The Landmark Practice team consists of highly motivated landscape architects, environmental planners, and ecologists all working collaboratively to deliver client aspirations.

The team has specialist knowledge and experience in: education, residential and renewable energy development, protected landscape assessment, protected species and habitat surveys, project management and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for complex development projects, landscape design, a combined landscape and ecology approach and high quality graphics output.