Thank you to Thrings Solicitors for hosting an excellent seminar focused on ‘Development of Land’, at the Watershed in Bristol last month.  There were a number of interesting and helpful presentations on effective construction contracts, changes to national planning policy and overcoming barriers to development.

We were also very interested to hear from Prof. Chris Willmore, South Gloucestershire Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Infrastructure on the process of constructing the South Gloucestershire Local Plan.

There were some fascinating statistics and infographics covering the factors that have fed into this process.  We were delighted to hear about the aim to deliver inclusive and sustainable economic development across the region.  There are obviously a number of challenges faced across the region in terms of the availability of brown field land and an urgent need to deliver sustainable, affordable housing.

It was interesting to have the spatial constraints and opportunities of the region illustrated on maps, setting out the strategic locations of potential development.  We understand the requirements for development to be well connected, limit the use of green field land, avoid Green Belt areas and areas designated for their landscape or ecological value, such as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  These are issues we are finding ourselves advising clients on more and more in our work.

Lucy Foley – Senior Landscape Architect