Ecological Design

Delivering biodiversity net gain

With an increasing political emphasis on delivering biodiversity gain as part of new development, existing and emerging planning legislation and policy is encouraging developers to bring forward schemes that provide an overall increase in natural habitat and ecological features.  

Intelligent landscaping designs should always seek to provide benefits to both people and wildlife, providing truly multi-functional green and blue infrastruture. Incorporating biodiversity features and habitats into scheme design has been proven to create more attractive and desirable projects for end-users, whilst also resulting in added value for the developer.


Our Approach

Our experienced ecology team provides a ‘biodiversity net gain’ calculation and advice service, identifying options for enhancenments and valuable features for retention early in the design process to help our clients meet planning needs and deliver projcts that result in an overall biodiversity net gain. 

Landmark’s in house ecology and landscape architects work closely together to add value. They create stunning designs that are rich in biodiversity, improve connectivity and provide real benefits to place making, landscape and visual amenity, health, quality of life and reducing the effects of climate change.  This approach is an excellent fit for the Building with Nature accreditation scheme

For more information and to discuss the requirements of your site or project please contact Stephanie Attwood, Head of Ecology