Ecological Monitoring

Construction & operational monitoring

Data collected by ecological monitoring is fundamental to understanding the effect that development may have on the natural environment. Monitoring information not only helps to evaluate the success of mitigation but also informs ongoing land management. It can also contribute to better and more cost-effective ways of delivering a project and is often needed for planning compliance and due diligence processes.

The Landmark Practice is the retained environmental consultancy for The Bristol Port Company. We benefit from their exemplary service and lead on environmental issues. For me, what sets them apart is their recognition of our commercial needs as well as our environmental concerns.

John Chaplin

Director of External Affairs and Special Projects, The Bristol Port Company

Our Approach

At Landmark, we understand the importance of ensuring that site monitoring commitments are met and that data is gathered in a timely and cost-effective manner. On behalf of our clients, we negotiate the scope of the monitoring strategy with the relevant authorities, to ensure that it is proportionate to the purpose. We prepare detailed monitoring plans, to include survey design, sampling procedures, data analysis, and reporting methods. We use our experience of site monitoring to ensure that strategies are accurately costed and will deliver the required outcome.

For more information and to discuss the requirements of your site or project please contact Stephanie Attwood, Head of Ecology