Landscape Architecture

The Landmark Practice creates high quality environments.

We work with natural processes in order to be innovative, cost effective and sustainable regardless of the type of project; whether it be residential, commercial, recreation, infrastructure or energy focused.

Our landscape architects provide both landscape assessment and landscape design services.

Andy and his team are a pleasure to work with. Their creativity, collaboration and excellent communication foster a team working environment. The whole Landmark Practice team regularly go beyond our expectations to ensure deadlines are met without excuses, every time.

Martin Pollett


Landscape Design

We work with our clients to provide creative, practical and affordable design solutions. Our designs are informed by detailed site appraisals and consultation with the design team, stakeholders and the community. We are committed to respecting and responding to the character and sensitivities of every site and we use our skills to strengthen distinctiveness and sense of place. The Landmark Practice has an excellent track record at all stages of project delivery, from inception, through to masterplanning, outline and detailed design, implementation on site and long term management.

What we do 

  • Site appraisals, constraints and opportunities plans
  • Sketch schemes and outline proposals
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Master planning and detailed design
  • Tender documentation and construction issue packages
  • Management and maintenance plans
  • Inspection, aftercare and monitoring

Landscape Planning

Our landscape planners are experts in understanding and assessing landscape, identifying the potential effects of any project. 

We believe in a proactive, landscape-led approach that maximises opportunities for landscape enhancement early on as part of the planning and design of a scheme.  This ensures negative effects can be minimised and robust, high quality schemes are delivered.

What we do