Landscape Architecture

The Landmark Practice creates high quality environments. We design sustainable schemes which address environmental constraints in a responsible, cost effective and innovative manner.

We work with our clients to provide flexible and attractive spaces for all to enjoy, informed by detailed site appraisals and consultation with the design team, stakeholders and the community. We are committed to respecting and responding to the character and sensitivities of every site and we use our skills to strengthen distinctiveness and sense of place.

Whether informing site selection or promoting a specific site and scheme, we minimise planning risk by ensuring that our clients are fully informed of environmental constraints early in the planning process. We take a strategic approach, from initial site analysis and feasibility assessments, through design, planning and implementation of schemes to completion of projects on the ground. This means that the features and context of the site are properly considered and enables innovation that meets users’ needs. It also ensures that, regardless of size, the requirements of each project are understood at the outset and a high quality scheme is achieved, to budget and on programme.

Landscape Design


What we do

  • Sketch schemes and outline proposals
  • Master planning and detailed design
  • Tender documentation and construction issue packages
  • Inspection, aftercare, management and maintenance plans and monitoring

Our sector approach

Landscape Planning


What we do

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