Landscape Institute South West Prize

We are thrilled to announce that Bryn White, our resident landscape architecture student, has been awarded the Landscape Institute South West Prize for the student most engaged with climate change issues. The award ceremony took place during the End of Year Show, held from May 31st to June 9th, and was presented by Mike Joffe, Senior Landscape Architect at David Jarvis Associates, and Fin Church, Director at Planet Earth. The exhibition featured an impressive array of projects from various disciplines, demonstrating the creativity and hard work of the students.

Images: University of Gloucestershire

The Award and Presentation

The Landscape Institute South West Prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated exceptional engagement with climate change issues in their work. Bryn was shortlisted along with two other talented students, and each was given thirty minutes to present their projects to a panel of judges. Bryn’s presentation showcased his innovative approach, impressing the judges with his commitment to creating environmentally responsible designs.

Bryn’s Journey in Landscape Architecture

Bryn White is currently undertaking a full-time MA conversion in landscape architecture at the University of Gloucestershire. Before venturing into landscape architecture, Bryn spent over a decade working as a designer for retail displays and interiors. In February of this year, he joined The Landmark Practice, where he has been applying his skills and knowledge in a professional setting. The Landmark Practice are proud to support Bryn in his endeavours and look forward to seeing his continued contributions to landscape architecture. Congratulations, Bryn!