Ed Lim


Skills and expertise

Ed joined The Landmark Practice in September 2019 at the end of his first field season in the ecology sector.  He has experience of undertaking a range of Phase 1 habitat surveys and species-specific surveys, including bats, badgers, water voles, reptiles and GCN.


Specialist interest

Botany and reptiles

Career summary

After completing a degree in Ecology at the University of Sheffield, Ed worked at the university on a project investigating the diversity of invertebrates in urban meadows. Since then he has worked in Costa Rica on scarlet macaw and sea turtle conservation projects, and prior to joining The Landmark Practice, he was working as a seasonal subcontractor.


Master of Biological Sciences in Ecology, University of Sheffield
Certificate in Ecological Consultancy, Ecology Training UK

First Job

Paper round


Now known for

Eating constantly



Climbing, travelling, nature, running and cooking