Guillermo Sanchez

Graphic Design Consultant

Skills and expertise

Sanchez’s particular area of expertise lies in providing graphic design and technical drawing drafts. His skills involve a range of graphic abilities to produce CAD layouts to redevelopment Masterplans, LVIAs to ZVIs and drawings to rendered landscape visualisations.  

Specialist interest

3D visualisation, crafts/products, design & innovation and almost anything creative!

Career summary

This is Sanchez’s first professional work since graduating from university in 2010, but he’s had a lot of experience with creative work over the years. Being brought up on creative passion all his life, Guillermo has some shoes to fill with both parents graduating from the RCA and starting their own businesses. His initial career path leads from landscape gardening to graphic design work, school design awards and a number of notable exhibitions including London’s New Designer’s Fair and more recently the 3D and graphic visuals for the Cumberland Basin Community Project. He is now working for The Landmark Practice where he hopes to leave his own mark.


BA (Hons) 3D Design for sustainability: University College Falmouth, Cornwall Foundation Diploma- Loughborough School of Art & Design  

First Job

Thomas Fox Landscape Gardening – Summer job for a couple of years.  

Now known for

Producing Photoshop files so large that they send his computer spinning back to the 80’s.  


Film, photography, wildlife, drawing and model making