Mulberry Park, Bath

Residential Development & Public Open Space

Mulberry Park, Bath
Client : CURO Services: Landscape Design, Ecological Surveys & Visualisations
Background The Landmark Practice has been part of the Mulberry Park technical and design team since 2013, when planning permission was granted to demolish the existing buildings at this former ‘MOD Foxhill’ site. The development consists of over 700 dwellings with a new community Hub, a primary school and a series of open spaces which include a large central park and a sensitively designed woodland walk.
Description Our landscape architects have been involved in the development of the design of the public open space and residential phases since 2017.  The design proposals have been carefully developed through a series of consultations with the client, stakeholders and the local authority which have informed the evolution of the scheme.  The overarching aim was creation of space that is both a resource and a destination for both the residents of Mulberry Park, and also for the wider community.  The proposals that have been developed are flexible, designed to host a variety of events with infrastructure which helps facilitate a varied schedule of activities.
Multi-functional Space: A large multi-functional green space and series of smaller spaces allows for range of recreational activities, set within a network of paths.  The carefully considered soft landscape strategy includes parkland legacy trees, tree avenues, native hedging along with a sensory gardens.  A large play area is themed around natural play with landform, boulders and timber play features and a grass amphitheatre provides a natural performance space. Woodland Walk: An ecologically sensitive area, this space was designed collaboratively between Landmark’s Ecology and Landscape teams to include light touch landscape interventions with features to encourage the variety of wildlife that the woodland supports.
Wider Connections: The Mulberry Park development links to a wider network of existing routes which will invite exploration of the neighbouring areas whilst facilitating access for surrounding communities visit and enjoy the resources Mulberry Park has to offer both as a space and as a community.
Working with: Architect :  Holder Mathias and Powell Dobson Engineers : Craddys Arboriculture : Hillside Trees
“Andy and his team are a pleasure to work with. Their creativity, collaboration and excellent communication foster a team working environment. The whole Landmark Practice team regularly go beyond our expectations to ensure deadlines are met without excuses, every time.”
Martin Pollett

Technical Manager, CURO

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