Nick Roberts


Skills and expertise

Nick’s principal areas of expertise are in practical habitat creation, ecological mitigation and horticulture.

Specialist interest

Devising cost effective solutions for clients.

Career summary

During the 1970s Nick gained early experience with Leeds City Parks Department working on practical projects where he enjoyed getting his hands dirty, then with various landscape and architecture practices in West Yorkshire. He moved to the Bristol area in 1979 to work in the conservation section of Avon County Council’s planning department, where he was involved with County landscape architectural projects as well as working on tree preservation orders and woodland grant schemes. In 1982 he became project manager for a government-funded rural conservation scheme designed to help young unemployed persons and, in 1985, was head hunted by Avon Wildlife Trust to set up and manage its new landscape consultancy. This became The Landmark Practice.


Diploma in Landscape Architecture (Manchester Polytechnic 1974-78)
MSc in Landscape Ecology Design & Management (Wye College University of London 1978-79)
Member Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (1995)
Associate Member of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (AIEMA)
Chartered Landscape Architect (1997)
Chartered Environmentalist (2005)

First Job

Landscape technician* with Leeds City Council (Architects Dept).

*In those days the position was known as “Chain Man”!

Now known for

No-nonsense explanations – he likes to talk to clients in clear, jargon-free language.


His Yorkshire roots, fishing, wild places and aviation history. He is an avid collector of just about everything that’s unusual.