Pippa Cope


Skills and expertise

Pippa is an experienced ecologist, working in a variety of different survey areas including reptile survey and translocation, bats, dormice, great crested newts (GCN), badger, otter and water voles. She holds both her GCN and dormouse licences.

Specialist interest

Protected species surveying

Career summary

After finishing her degree Pippa worked for 8 years as a zoo keeper working with exotic birds. Having been bitten and scratched my more species than she cares to count she decided to change direction and find out more about our native fauna and re-train to become an ecologist.

In 2014 she took her first job as a seasonal ecologist working mainly down in Somerset but also further afield. She learnt many new skills which she brought with her to The Landmark Practice in 2015.


BSc (Hons) Zoology

Certificate in Ecological Consultancy

First Job

Saturday girl in the local library

Now known for

Being happy and enthusiastic


Birds of all kind but especially her garden sparrows. Having only recently learn to ride a bike she feels a new hobby coming on!