The Pitons Management Area, St Lucia

Protected Environment

Client: St Lucia World Heritage Committee (SLWHC) Services: Landscape Assessment for UNESCO World Heritage Site Inscription Bid
Background The stunning twin peaks of the Pitons are a prominent landmark of St Lucia, renowned for their scenic beauty. The St Lucia World Heritage Committee (SLWHC) commissioned The Landmark Practice to undertake a landscape assessment of the Pitons Management Area, which includes the two peaks, the surrounding landscape and adjacent marine environment, to support its submission to UNESCO for insciption as a World Heritage Site (WHS).
Description Based on thorough field surveys and consultation with local interests in the Caribbean, the study assessed the special landscape qualities of the Pitons Management Area. It identified a realistic boundary for the WHS; it considered management issues which would need to be addressed to meet WHS status and it proposed specific measures to protect the Pitons landscape. The report also had to embrace pressing social and economic issues, including the need to accommodate employment creating activities, particularly the vibrant tourist economy of the island, without compromising the integrity of the WHS.   Client benefits A realistic and cost effective strategy to support the SLWHC bid for WHS inscription. A comprehensive approach, sensitive to the special needs of the island community, and tailored specifically to the rigorous requirements of UNESCO.