Wedmore, Somerset

LVIA & Landscape Design for Residential Development

Client: Strongvox Homes
Services: Landscape / Graphics


The Landmark Practice’s landscape architects prepared Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs) and landscape masterplans to inform planning applications for residential development for two sites on the edge of Wedmore, Somerset.

Both schemes received planning consent in January 2019 and received positive comments from the Landscape Officer at Sedgemoor District Council


The sites lie on the western edge of the village, within the gently undulating rural backwater known as the Mid Somerset Hills, rising above the Somerset Levels. The sites themselves are not covered by statutory landscape designation but lie close to Wedmore Village Conservation Area and a number of Listed Buildings. They also form an part of the approach to the village from the surrounding area and the transition from the settlement to surrounding countryside.

The Landmark Practice were involved from the outset of the projects and early opportunities and constraints advice was provided to the client and design team. This ensured that the developments provide high quality schemes that are sensitive to the village edge, respecting views to and from the   sites and conserving the local landscape character, including the setting of the Conservation Area.

Public open spaces were strategically incorporated into the layouts to create a ‘green gateway’ to the village and conserve the Conservation Area setting. The open spaces will be attractive and multi-functional, incorporating drainage basins, footpaths, areas of play, wildlife habitat and amenity planting.  Tree and shrub planting is proposed throughout the development to integrate the development in to its surrounds, protect the amenity of local residents and enhance the existing vegetation pattern.

A key feature of the area is the local orchards which typically lie on the village edges, this was carried through to the Landscape Masterplans for the schemes which propose local cider apple and pear varieties, together with other native tree and hedgerow species in accordance with published landscape guidelines.

“Strongvox Homes have used The Landmark Practice for landscape design and assessment at a number of sites in our region.  The practice establishes very good working relations with Local Authorities, which helps us to reach agreement on specifications for public open space, play equipment and other aspects of landscape design and assessment.  This means that critical points of agreement can be reached, which limits uncertainty and the need for landscape planning conditions post planning permission.  Landmark works well within our project teams and always delivers on time, often to tight planning programmes.  I can strongly recommend the practice.”

Bill Richardson

Planning Manager, Strongvox

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