The Road to Paris – A few days to go!

It goes without saying that the recent atrocities in Paris have shocked the world. However, it has made me more determined than ever to spread the word about climate change and to ensure that the opportunity to raise awareness of the key issues, and collate funds for our chosen charity, should not be lost.

The Paris COP is still going ahead and security measures have been significantly upgraded. The ‘COP Crusade Team’ have checked the safety of the event and have decided to continue with our endeavour, demonstrating a common cause with others across the world affected by conflict and to raise the profile of issues that will be made worse by climate change.

In my final few weeks of training, whatever novelty indoor cycling and spinning had in the first few sessions has now completely worn off and I am pleased to have completed my final class. The weather has taken a turn recently, but it hasn’t stopped me venturing out at the weekend in the wind and rain. Cycles to Bradford upon Avon and Radstock have taken up most of my Sundays with friends and family thinking I’m slightly mad coming home covered in mud! Nevertheless I am pleased to have finally reached my target distance of 50miles; the shortest distance which we will be covering in the 4 day challenge.

Meeting the other members of the team was a good opportunity to share hopes and fears and particularly interesting to hear other reasons for taking part in the challenge.  Route planning is completed and bikes are serviced, cleaned and oiled. Following yesterday’s icy start thermals have also been added to the kit list. Now I’m just looking forward to getting started on Thursday!



We are inviting colleagues, friends and clients to sponsor Rachel’s cycle ride by donating to Re-Cycle (Bikes for Africa) through the just giving website (