Protected Species Licence Applications

A number of UK wildlife species are protected under national and/or international legislation which often makes it illegal to kill or disturb a protected species or damage its habitat, even if care is taken to avoid the offence.

Given the mobile nature of some protected species (such as bats and great crested newts) this can obviously have serious implications for development.

The most effective and least onerous way to deal with the presence of protected species, is usually to retain and safeguard their habitats within development.

In some cases, however, this option is not practicable or feasible and in these instances, a protected species development licence may be required to allow development to proceed.

Making a successful licence application can be a complex process, and needs to be managed by a suitably qualified ecologist.

At Landmark, our ecologists have an excellent track record in delivering applications for protected species development licences and can advise on the best approach to take for a specific site or scheme.

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