Compensation, Mitigation, & Enhancement Strategies


Some proposals inevitably create adverse effects on existing ecology. Where this is the case, a planning authority will normally require the applicant to demonstrate that such effects can be avoided or mitigated. Where this is not possible, it may be acceptable to offer compensation measures that offset the residual negative impacts.

All development is required by the UK planning system to contribute to enhancing biodiversity but there are many ways to approach this.

Our Approach

At Landmark, our approach is based on giving objective, thorough advice to meet the specific needs of our clients in a realistic and proportionate manner. The strategy we deliver may be as simple as the addition of bat boxes, or more complex, such as the incorporation of green corridors in a site masterplan to allow wildlife to move freely around a new development.

In many cases, these measures can be implemented by our in-house team, in conjunction with our clients’ contractor, whereby all works are undertaken by staff familiar with the project and the site.

For more information and to discuss the requirements of your site or project please contact Stephanie Attwood, Head of Ecology