The exercise

Almost 2 years ago now, Landmark undertook an exercise to identify our ‘core values’ – the values that form the basis of our day-to-day work and by which we conduct ourselves.

I’ll be honest, the invitation to staff to contribute to the exercise was met with mixed reactions.  Some people embraced the opportunity to define the factors that underpin our Company’s identity, others were rather more cynical.  Nonetheless, after some discussion, we drilled down to our key guiding principles.  The list was agreed, the box ticked and the exercise completed. We identified our core values as follows:


  • Invest time in understanding the client brief and endeavour to balance environmental, commercial and social needs;
  • Ensure delivery of a high quality, impartial service founded on honesty and respect;
  • Value integrity and are ethically and environmentally responsible;
  • Pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable;
  • Work together to create a supportive atmosphere in which ideas and innovation can flourish;
  • Provide a bespoke and inter-disciplinary service that is flexible, realistic and cost effective.

Now what?

Whilst working recently on our gleaming new website, we thought about including a page for our values.  But where to put them?  Where would they fit?  Would people specifically seek them out?

As we uploaded our new text the answer became obvious.  There was no need to specifically list our values. They are where they should be – embedded in everything that we do.