Environmental Impact Assessment


The need for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is set out by the EIA Regulations 2017 which govern a wide range of onshore activities, such as built development, agriculture, flood protection, mining and forestry, and offshore works, such as fishing, dredging and coast protection works. Developments that may be subject to Environmental Impact Assessment are those that are likely to have significant effects on the environment by virtue of factors such as their nature, size or location, or if they meet or exceed specified regulatory criteria.

Landmark is experienced at delivering consents for challenging developments in sensitive locations. Our Environmental Planners can provide advice and support at all stages of development in environmentally sensitive locations. We advise on EIA Screening and Scoping, coordination and management of interdisciplinary EIA consultant teams, stakeholder consultation, preparation and submission of the Environmental Statement (ES).

The EIA Regulations require all EIAs to be prepared by a competent expert. Landmark’s environmental planners are qualified to provide this expertise, to help you to identify the best route for your scheme, to set the groundwork carefully and to advise on your initial EIA screening strategy.

Our Track Record

Landmark has an extensive track record of delivering permissions for complex EIA developments across a wide range of development types. We also provide an EIA Auditing service to local planning authorities to ensure that decisions are properly informed.

Client benefits

Formal EIA Screening brings clarity and certainty to the implementation of EIA. Early and thorough screening can also help to protect against risk of challenge to consents.

Flexible, professional and responsive, Landmark are problem solvers who always find solutions.

David Maguire

Director, BNRG Renewables Ltd

For more information and to discuss the requirements of your site or project please contact Gemma Melvill, Principal Environmental Planner