Kristina Spicer


Skills and expertise

Kristina joined The Landmark Practice in October 2021 after completing two seasons working as a subcontractor in the ecology sector. She has experience in a variety of protected species surveys and has undertaken numerous bat surveys; GCN and reptile surveys, including carrying out translocations. Kristina is keen to continue working on a diverse range of projects further developing her skill set.


Specialist interest

Protected species surveys, particularly bats.

Career summary

On completion of a degree in Conservation Biology, Kristina gained work experience on several surveying and community-based education projects overseas. Kristina then chose to combine her interest in education and the environment and trained as a secondary school science teacher. After several years in the education sector, she decided to pursue a career in ecology and went on to work as a seasonal ecologist prior to joining The Landmark Practice.


BSc (Hons) Conservation Biology (University of Surrey).

PGCE Secondary Science with Biology (Kingston University).


First Job



Now known for

Asking too many questions (EDITORS NOTE: we disagree Kristina, no such thing!)



Travelling, music, going to festivals, environmental education, nature, and everything to do with it.