Matt Jackson

Assistant Ecologist

Skills and expertise

Matt has experience in subcontracting prior to joining The Landmark Practice in 2022. He has worked mainly on Bat transects and emergence surveys but is learning a lot with every new day.

Specialist interest

Reptiles and amphibians

Career summary

Matt first developed his skills as an ecologist at the University of Bristol where he studied Biological Sciences: undertaking projects in Leigh Woods, Old Sneed Park, and across Bristol. He worked as a subcontractor in 2021 before graduating and joining The Landmark Practice the following season. 

He has boundless enthusiasm and a super positive attitude; we can’t wait get him started on his career!


BsC Biological Sciences

First Job


Now known for

Leaving the teabag in his mug of tea …


Cycling, drawing, being outdoors, and reading Sci-Fi