Many of our clients’ successes, whether led by our environmental planning, ecology, or landscape teams, should be credited (at least in part) to the efforts of Guillermo Sanchez (or just Sanchez) who manages Landmark’s Architectural Graphics service.

Our clients are familiar with his use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to illustrate ‘the finished product’, even at a fairly early stage in project development. Sanch can provide a genuinely accurate representation of how a building or a space will look, working at the simplest level by outlining a proposal with wireframe photomontages in situ or, using more sophisticated approaches, producing visually verified montages for planning.  The purpose of this service is to help developers, local communities and planning authorities to see what the development will really look like in its actual setting in the local area.  Whilst the visual requirements vary with different stages in the planning process, the usefulness of these representations is always about understanding the visual impact of development.

As well as aiding understanding, the figures can also be useful to inform scheme modification through the design and planning process, to achieve the best visual outcome for all stakeholders. Our methodology includes the broad stages; verified field photography, base information and survey data, 3D modelling & rendering, post-production and output.  Working alongside our Landscape  team, this means that Sanchez can create images that are visually accurate, and verifiable, to give confidence to all parties that they can be relied upon through the planning process.  Recent commissions include:

Avon Street, Bristol

Devon County Council – A382 Corridor Improvements 

Birchwood Lakes

For more information on how accurate visual imagery can help you, please contact either Andy Spargo or Guillermo Sanchez on 0117 9230455 or

More details of The Landmark Practices’s Architectural Graphics services can be seen here.