The Landmark Practice is located just off one of the busiest junctions in Bristol and one of the busiest roads connecting the North and South of the city. The ‘new Cumberland Basin road crossing and approaches’ opened in 1965 and an area known as the ‘Cumberland Piazza’ was created. The work of landscape architect Sylvia Crowe, the Piazza originally included an elaborate pool and fountain, café and play equipment. Due to its location (next to a busy road where parents were worried about pollution and safety) and design (hard-landscaping was not as desirable as traditional park spaces), the area never really took off which led to its maintenance and up keep being neglected, eventually leading to vandalism and a decline in use.

In 2010 Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association decided that enough was enough and set about making the entrance into the city a more desirable and usable area that would be used not only by the residents of Hotwells, but also the wider community.

The Piazza in 2012

The Piazza in 2012

In 2012 The Landmark Practice was approached by the Community Association with the opportunity to work on the project, producing a new Landscape Masterplan and concept visuals to complement the space. The project brief was to design a space that brightened up the area and created a route that directed cyclists and pedestrians through it.

The vision

3D Concept

Landmarks early stage concept 3D visualisation.


The current masterplan.

At present

Works in progress

Planters have been installed, pillars are painted in an array of colours to reflect nearby Cliftonwood terrace, 8 maples are planted in the centre, skate equipment has been built.


‘Pocket park’ during construction

Looking to the future

Work on improving the piazza is ongoing, recently, play sculptures have been installed to create a ‘Pocket Park’ aiming to create a space for all ages with great success, seeing the park double in use since works begun. There are plenty of ideas for the future as well, including the creation of swales, resurfacing areas for ball games and adapting the masterplan for a more ‘climate ready park’.

Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association are always looking for inspiration or a few volunteers to manage the area and perhaps the biggest thing of all, funding to achieve all this!

Can you help bring one of Bristol’s gateways back to life?

If so please contact Anna at admin@hotwellscliftonwood.org.uk to find out more