University of Hertfordshire

Student Residential Development

University of Hertfordshire
Client: Boygues UK Ltd
Services: Landscape Design

The College Lane Campus was originally developed in the late 1950’s as a technical college, subsequently achieving University status in 1992. Significant development took place in the 1970’s, 1990’s and 2000’s. Built on 35 hectares of parkland to the west of Hatfield New Town, the campus is still growing and evolving. The proposed 11.43 ha residential development lies on the eastern edge of the campus and utilises land which is largely already developed as student residential accommodation.


The Project comprises the phased development of 2511 student bedrooms along with supplementary communal areas and non-residential facilities. It also comprises the phased demolition of existing student accommodation. The Landmark Practice has provided Landscape Design and Ecology services for the development of this residential campus from inception through to the completion of Phase I. We are currently overseeing the construction stages for Phase II & III.

The location of the new buildings have been concentrated around the perimeter of the site to maximise the size and value of the central greenspace. The College and Courtyard approach has been designed to create a dense and efficient built form around high quality semi-private quadrangles. The central greenspace will become an exciting major resource for the entire campus.

Vehicular movement is restricted to the periphery of the site allowing for the creation of high quality pedestrianised spaces in the central campus space. The Park will have spaces for informal play, sport and relaxation, and will provide a tranquil heart at the centre of the campus.


Client Benefits

Our landscape and detailed designs have created a sustainable and visually attractive educational environment. The design respects the existing surroundings and connects the College Lane Campus with the rest of the University.


Working with:

Architects: Wilmore Iles

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