The Landmark Practice is pleased to announce it has been awarded Registered Practice status by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

CIEEM is the leading professional membership body representing ecologists and environmental managers in the UK and promotes the highest standards of professional practice in the industry, for the benefit of nature and society.

The Registered Practice accreditation has been introduced by CIEEM as a quality benchmark this accreditation the status reflects our commitment to high professional standards in consultancy.  It gives our clients, prospective clients, partners, employees and the wider public the confidence that we are competent in our field and delivering excellent quality work

Registered Practices are champions of high professional standards and approval of Landmark’s registration recognises our commitment to delivering the best outcomes for biodiversity as part of carefully considered, quality development. As ambassadors in their field, Registered Practices help to raise the profile of the profession by sharing their expertise and supporting others to do their bit for our natural world.  Our new Building With Nature accreditation service is just one example of how this can be achieved.

CIEEM Registered Practice

Becoming a Registered Practice means that The Landmark Practice adheres to a Code of Practice laid out by CIEEM.  This consists of actively supporting CIEEM’s Objects, ensuring all works are compliant with current law and guidance, and are undertaken with openness and integrity.  It also includes a commitment to ensuring employees and treated fairly and are supported with opportunities for training and professional development.