It was a very busy summer for The Landmark Practice ecology team last year. We had the opportunity to work on a fantastic range of projects including residential development, solar PV, household recycling centres, manufacturing plant and golf courses.  Our field surveys stretched from Totnes in Devon, to Woodbridge in Suffolk and instructions from site promotion to planning condition discharge.  We are now taking the opportunity of the quieter winter survey period to introduce two new members to our team that joined us in 2019!

The Landmark Practice is therefore delighted to announce the addition of Steph Attwood and Ed Lim to our ecology team.

Steph joined the practice as our Principal Ecologist and Head of Ecology. She brings with her a wealth of experience in ecological assessment of complex projects, with particular expertise in botany (National Vegetation Classification Surveys) and bats (Steph holds a number of licences for bats including the legendary Bat Low Impact Class Licence, BLICL).  Steph immediately hit the ground running and has The Landmark Practice Ecology team in super shape for the upcoming 2020 survey season.

Ed joined us in September 2019, at the end of his first field season in the ecology sector, during which he worked as a seasonal subcontractor. Although having only completed one field season, Ed brings with him experience of a wide range of ecological surveys, including Phase 1 Habitat and protected species surveys (bats, badgers, water voles, reptiles and GCN). Furthermore, Ed recently completed a ‘Certificate in Ecological Consultancy’ with Ecology Training UK.

So a very warm welcome to both Steph and Ed. We are very pleased to have you as part of The Landmark Practice team!