Silverlake, Dorset

Leisure and Residential Development

Silverlake, Dorset
Client: Habitat First Group
Services: Landscape Masterplanning, Landscape Design & Ecological Support

The Landmark Practice is working on behalf of Habitat First Group to deliver a sustainable vacation home community at Silverlake in Dorset.  The vision for Silverlake is to create a holiday destination where visitors have an array of opportunities to enjoy nature, open space, landscape and recreation. The development of up to 1,000 holiday homes set within a 600 acre redundant sand quarry was granted outline planning permission in 2015.


Landmark’s landscape architects worked closely with the design team to develop a landscape masterplan and design framework for Silverlake.  The Design Framework set out the design approach and principles that guides the landscape and architectural integrity of the overall development, particularly in the context of the special character of West Dorset.

Eight distinctive landscape character areas were identified by the wealth of ecology and natural habitat and landform of the site.  Areas of existing nature conservation and habitat value are being enhanced and increased, in particular areas of Dorset heathlands and areas of woodland planting.  Holiday homes are being developed in small groups of approximately 30 units in areas where the quarry activity has been most recent.

Silverlake has been accredited with an ‘Excellent’ Building with Nature Award recognising development that has delivered exemplary green infrastructure.

Landmark continues to work on the development of the site providing site wide landscape design services as well as more detailed landscape design within the village developments and ecological support.

Client benefits

We have been working for Habitat First Group for many years and have enabled them to realise their vision of creating well designed, high quality, sustainable holiday accommodation in a nature conservation setting.  Our experience and knowledge in this type of development allow us to respond quickly and effectively to the brief, provide creative design solutions and give sound landscape planning and design advice.

Ecology, landscape, environment, planning – The Landmark Practice has the knowledge across the board.

Will Vicary

Managing Director, Habitat First Group

Working with:

Architects: Wilmore Iles Architects
Civil Engineers: Stantec
Contractor: Conservation Builders
Ecology: Dr Pheobe Carter at Habitat First Group
Planning Consultant: Savills