Avonmouth Household Reuse and Recycling Centre

Commercial Development

Avonmouth Household Reuse and Recycling Centre
Client: Bristol Waste Company
Services: EIA Screening, Ecological Survey and Appraisal, Landscape Plan

Bristol Waste Company sought to improve the facilities at the Avonmouth Household Reuse and Recycling Centre (HRRC) to meet increasing demand and improve recycling capacity, site efficiency and customer experience.  The Landmark Practice coordinated an EIA Screening Exercise, prepared an Ecological Appraisal, Landscape Plan, Landscape and Ecology Management Plan (LEMP) and Precautionary Method of Working (PMW) to inform and support the planning application.


The proposals included upgrading the existing household waste and recycling facilities by installing an elevated platform with ramps for vehicle access.  This layout enables the use of an increased number of larger containers, increasing the range of the recyclable materials that the site can process and improving operational efficiency. The new structure also includes a reuse centre where residents can drop off and purchase unwanted goods that are still usable.

The site is located near to the Severn Estuary European Marine site and adjacent to designated Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) and therefore Ecological Survey was undertaken at an early stage in the project to inform project constraints and opportunities and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Request.

Ecological survey found that the site had potential support a range of protected species including slow worm, great crested newt, nesting birds, badger and foraging and commuting bats.  A suitable protection and enhancement strategy was devised that enabled Bristol City Council to ‘Screen out’ the need for EIA and the proposed development to proceed with confidence that biodiversity on site had been protected and enhanced.

Following planning consent, The Landmark Practice prepared Landscape and Ecology Management Plan (LEMP) and Precautionary Method of Working (PMW) documents to discharge pre-commencement conditions to ensure that protected and notable species were safeguarded during the construction phase, and that the long-term management of features was secured.

The upgraded and improved HRRC and Re-Use facilities are now fully open for business.


Working with:

Planning: SLR
Engineering: SLR
Arboriculture: Hillside Trees

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